Perseverance is everything

If you are feeling defeated, like you’re standing at the bottom of a mountain, take some time to complete a perseverance timeline. Draw an arrow from left to right on a piece of paper and start jotting down all the good, bad and ugly from your life. Be as detailed and personal as you want. No one has to see it, but I’m showing you a bit of mine today. See all that you have struggled with and accomplished. Know that what you struggle with today, you will overcome with time and patience…and maybe a little bit of hard work.

I’m standing at the bottom of a mountain myself right now trying to add online training to Kines Training. If you filled out the survey…thank you! I’ll be adding the participants into a group soon to get our BETA group going. There is still time to complete the survey and get IN on some free training:

As always, thanks for your support! Let me know how your perseverance timeline made you feel.