Strong habits start early.

Give your children the gifts of yoga in the comfort of your own home. Using props, games and age appropriate poses, your children can learn mindfulness and gain core strength while having fun with friends.

Walking to 3 years old

30 to 45 minute sessions

Invite 2 to 3 friends over for a yoga playdate. Mats and props supplied. Parent participation required. Be amazed by what your little yogi can do with poses using games, music and toys. Mats and props supplied. Parent participation is required.


Ages 3 to 6 years old

45 to 60 minute sessions

Invite 3 to 4 friends over! At this age, yoga poses can really come to life. The class will be fast paced and fun to meet the imagination and abilities of the children. Mats and props supplied. Parent participation is welcome but not required.


Ages 7 to 9 years old

60 minute sessions

Invite 4 to 5 friends over for a challenging but fun yoga experience. The focus with this age group will be balance, coordination and body awareness while still keeping yoga fun. Mats and props supplied. Parent participation is welcome but not required.



Preteen and Teen Yoga

60 minute sessions

Private sessions or with friends. Kids will learn the health benefits of yoga and mindful breathing exercises. Session will be geared to meet the needs of the students. Young athlete and non-athletes alike can benefit from core strengthening using yoga poses and functional movements. Breathing techniques and visualization exercises can help with focus, concentration and anxiety. 


Weekend Family Yoga

60 minute sessions

All ages and family members welcome from birth to 100. Spend quality time together and home and UNPLUGGED! It’s a great way to bond and connect as a family. Class will be fun and tailored to make the most of your children’s’ yoga experience. Sessions available Saturdays and Sundays.


Special Needs Yoga

60 minute sessions

I am currently enrolled in a special needs teacher training program through YogaKidz Worldwide. I welcome your child to be a part of my assignments and continued learning.